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Intelligent Transport Systems & Services Exhibition 

Venue: TBA  
Country: South Korea
Venue Address: Busan, South Korea
Date: Oct. 22 - 26, 2015
Official Site: N/A
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), basically defined as the application of information, control and communication technologies to transport sector, has become widespread in the recent years. ITS, by nature, requires and interdisciplinary approach. To produce successful outcomes in this field, institutions in charge of applications have to collaborate with those of technology and science. For successful implementation of ITS for highways in Turkey, representatives from Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, municipalities, TÜB?TAK, universities, private sector of different fields have to communicate and collaborate successfully with each other. In light of latest developments, the Ministry of Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications, Strategy Development Directorate has been vigorously preparing an action plan for Turkey. Correspondingly, the General Directorate of Highways (GDH) aims to extend the ITS applications on its road network. Parallel to its vision of "becoming a driving force in bringing related stakeholders in every field of road transport in Turkey and in seeking solutions in the light of scientific developments", the Turkish Road Association (TRA) is organising the First National Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems for Highways (ITS-Highways) in ?stanbul on 26-28 May 2014, in collaboration with General Directorate of Highways
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